Important Home Medical Supplies for Elderly

If there is an elderly member at home, you would need to choose the right medical supplies to take good care of them. Medical supplies for them start from mobility aid to bath care as well as car emergency kits and other products or supplies for special healthcare needs. Besides, antiseptic liquid, ointments, bandages, etc. also make an integral part of first aid kit for senior citizens. More often than not, essential supplies are not replaced after they have been used up. In this scenario, even a minor accident can cause panic at home. Therefore, as a caregiver, you have to make sure that all crucial medical supplies are available for elderly care.

Here are crucial medical supplies, you should get:

Over bed table

High-quality over bed tables are quite useful for feeding and taking care of seniors. With elevated neck and table surface, they are easier to place closely as and when required.

Transfer benches

When it comes to transferring patients or elderly from bed to chair or chair to bed, transfer benches come handy. They are extremely useful for elderly who have weight issues.

Bath benches

Bathing elderly with mobility restrictions is the most difficult thing. They can’t do it alone as there are chances of falling and serious casualties. Bath benches and shower benches allow seniors to sit and bath in privacy. Adjacent safety bars provide them support while bathing. After the shower, you can take them out of the bathroom safely.

Mobility aids

For seniors who have difficulty walking, you need wheelchair or mobility scooters to let them walk around and explore outdoors. You can choose manual as well as motorized vehicles, depending upon the degree of mobility impairment shown by the user.

Home medical supplies for elderly can also include walkers, walking canes, shower chair commodes, heating pads, respiratory care products and more. With authorized online dealers like Power Medical Supplies, you can buy these products from the comforts of home.

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Wheelchair as the mobility aid

Life is uncertain and often exposes one to extreme conditions that turns life upside down. A major obstacle that one can experience in life is mobility impairment which may include restricted or no mobility. A number of factors can cause the conditions such as –chronic illnesses or near fatal accidents.

  • Paralysis due to neck injury
  • Arthritis
  • Back disorders
  • Amputation
  • Neuromuscular disorders
  • Cerebral palsy, etc.

Whatever the condition, everyone should be able to enjoy the life outdoors and not spend days while being confided to beds. However, mobility impairment can make it difficult to access the outside world. Thanks to the technological advancements that people with mobility problems can get some degree of independence when it comes to moving around. Wheelchairs, manual or powered, provide great support to patients with permanent or temporary mobility impairment. Mobility vehicles, designed to provide ultimate comfort to users while ensuring an ease of movement, help patients do away with minor inconveniences.

Wheelchairs can make users partially capable of walking. That being said, users find it difficult to cross challenging surfaces, obstructions and steps. They need a companion to help them overcome these obstacles and save from major casualties. However, this provides a relief from no outing at all. Outdoor activities with some limitations can happen with wheelchairs.

There’s a wide range of options available for everyone in the form of mobility scooters which are designed for use on rough surfaces. However, these will still not help climbing stairs, stiles or narrow paths. While wheelchairs may not be practical on these paths, these mobility vehicles provide access to outdoors and allow some independence in life despite impairment.

Motorized or manually operated wheelchairs by renowned manufacturers like Drive Medical aid in mobility and make life easier. Drive Medical wheelchairs can carry even up to 700 pounds. Heavy-duty and durable, Drive Medical wheelchairs boasts performance and reliability.

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Contributory factors which impact on orthopedic care

Sprained ankles or bruised arms or legs may cause you to visit an orthopedic doctor. After general orthopedic care for that injury, doctors usually advise some diagnosis to examine underlying injuries. As a medical discipline, orthopedics encompasses a wide range of treatment options for most injuries and diseases related to muscles, ligaments, tendons, and bones. Based on the area of injury, doctors plan specific treatment for the exact condition.

Followed by experts, there are a few practices and factors like physiotherapy and orthopedic supplies which aid in quality orthopedic care:

Physical therapy

Treatment for conditions affecting muscles and bones such as sciatica, arthritis and others goes beyond pain management and may require surgery or non-invasive methods like chiropractic and physical therapy. Physical therapy helps a patient regain their freedom of movement and continue function within the limitation of an injury. Thus, helping them to regain mobility and flexibility. In addition, physical therapy helps improve the overall health of the patient.

Chiropractic care

Health experts recommend chiropractic care for its effectiveness in pain management through non-surgical therapies. These therapies impact on the bones and muscles of the affected areas enabling them to regain their proper position and heal on their own.

Orthopedic supplies

Head support, an arm sling, heel and elbow protectors, ankle support, tendon support, a leg brace, knee support, wrist wrap, hip support and a wide variety of other orthopedic supplies help with the treatment. These orthopedic supplies may also be suggested by a physical therapist and chiropractor during the course of treatment to speed up recovery.

Patients as well as hospital authorities can get these supplies online. Authorized dealers like Power Medical Supplies carry a vast collection of orthopedic supplies which they offer at wholesale rates. If you don’t find yourself fit enough to wander across market, choosing online purchase options can save you time and money while enabling you to buy high-quality products.

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Health Supplies for Bathroom Mobility

Patients with mobility disorders find it extremely difficult to walk around, especially when using the toilet or while bathing. Offering a wide range of ambulatory aids, Eagle Health Supplies is a ray of hope for these patients as well as seniors who are experiencing a loss of mobility. They are acknowledged as an innovator in the field of designing shower chairs, transfer benches, bath and commode chairs. In fact, they have gained an edge in the bathroom mobility industry. A look at their range of products confirms that Eagle Health Supplies are the leader in bathroom mobility solutions.

More than mobility, Eagle Health Supplies are known for improving bath safety for all patients and seniors at home or hospitals. Their well-known product –sliding transfer bench –continues to improve with variations and modifications to their products to make it more useful by meeting the needs of individual patients with mobility disorders. Eagle Health continues to broaden its product range by including multi functional bath and safety products at highly reduced costs for general public. By providing a safe mobility solution, Eagle Health ensures to make the lives of patients easier and convenient. Many seniors give the credit of their independence to Eagle Health.

Eagle health has been active in the industry for over two decades, helping patients with their highly durable home medical equipment. Their products, including bath safety and bath ambulatory products, make life easier for consumers. It is not just in terms of usability, but also price. Consumers can expect a high-quality product with great value. The price is lowest for general public.

Their most popular bathroom sliding transfer bench first entered the market as a simple, cost-effective bathroom mobility solution. Since then, the market has been flooded with more than thirty different models of this chair to meet individual requirements. Seniors and patients with mobility problems rely on these bathroom aids to safely transfer from the commode or bath. Patients who need to transport oxygen with them can also do with the help of one of the models featuring oxygen tank holder.

Eagle Health Supplies has gained immense industry reputation for helping families to take care of their loved ones. With the swivel sliding transfer benches, they ensure that their loved can easily and safety get into or come out of a bathtub, thus giving them a sense of confidence. Unlike other benches, seats can be glided to come out easily without any fear of falling.

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Drive Medical – DeliveringInnovation through Mobility Aid

The Healthcare industry can deliver expected services only if they have a constant supply of durable medical equipment. Drive Medical, a manufacturer and distributor or durable medical equipment and supplies, serves medical, home healthcare, surgical and rehabilitation markets. The company has its manufacturing and distribution facilities across the United States, the United Kingdom, China, Germany, Taiwan, Canada, and Romania.

Drive Medical manufactures world-class products to deliver quality of life through innovation and advanced use of technology. All products are intended to promote independence for patients in hospitals as well as home. Drive Medical offers a comprehensive range of products, such as:

  • Bathroom safety products
  • Mobility products
  • Bariatric products
  • Wheelchairs
  • Sleep surfaces and mattresses
  • Pressure prevention products
  • Respiratory equipment
  • Homecare and long term care beds
  • Power operated wheelchairs and scooters
  • Rehabilitation products
  • Self-assist products
  • Electrotherapy products
  • Patient room equipment
  • Personal care products
  • Products to aid in daily living

People who face difficulty moving around due to medical or ageing related conditions, find great support through Drive Medical mobility products. Accidents, major or minor, may cause injuries in limbs, affecting mobility. Patients with severe mobility problems due to accident, age or other medical conditions need power mobility products to lead a near normal, independent and active lifestyle.

Power Mobility Devices (PMDs)are a class of wheelchairs, four-wheeled motorized vehicles used for mobility and transport. Their steering is operated by an electronic device like a joystick. They also provide POVs (three or four-wheeled motorized scooters operated by a tiller).

A power wheelchair is highly beneficial if the patient is suffering from severe weakness of the upper extremity, which may happen in case of neurologic or muscular disorder. As users can operate a power wheelchair using a single hand or head control, it becomes easier for them to move around. However, they are apt for in-home use due to their limited turning radius. Their design is not fit for outside use like while traveling or shopping.

Power Operated Vehicles, on the other hand, are wonderful mobility scooters with wider turning radius to overcome the limitations of movement. The mobility aid provides better access to the society and enjoy community activities. POVs are also popular among seniors who find it difficult to walk or stand

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Wholesale Orthopedic Supplies by Power Medical Supplies Offer great savings

Power Medical Supplies, an authorized distributor of medical supplies online, offers a wide range of orthopedic supplies at wholesale prices. The rates are inexpensive and fair for all buyers including hospitals, healthcare institutions, as well as for patients.

Orthopedic supplies are used in a number of healthcare settings including hospitals, clinics and home as well. There are different types like Back Braces, Post-Operative Back Braces, Prophylactic Lumbar Supports, Protective Body Socks, Knee Braces, Fracture Braces, Cervical Braces, Hip Braces and many more. These products are used by the medical specialties for correction of functional deformities or deformities associated with the skeletal system, particularly the extremities as the spine as well as associated structures like muscles and ligaments.

All the products are designed per healthcare standards to ensure they are fit for the intended purpose and offer relief to patients. However, the cost associated with some of the products are very high, and continually purchasing these supplies becomes a significant expense. This is why Power Medical Supplies is committed to providing exceptional products at highly competitive prices while ensuring outstanding customer service.

As Power Medical Supplies works directly with manufacturers, they eliminate the extra cost of going through a middleman. They are authorized dealer of a number of brands like Drive Medical, Pedifix, Fabrication Enterprises, Skil-Care, Medline, Brimhall, and many more. All these brands are known for maintaining the highest quality standards.

The support team at Power Medical Supplies says that they only work with manufacturers that meet the industry standards. Also, they think of their customers as their family, so they sell only those products to them which they can use for their own family. This is done to meet their objective of achieving total customer satisfaction.

The products are built using the finest grade materials to provide support to patients with a fracture or other major or minor orthopedic problems. Supplies like braces are designed ergonomically to provide compression, support and the best fit for faster relief. As they are made of highly durable material, there’s always very less possibility of tearing.

The superior quality of supplies has made them a popular choice at physician’s offices, nursing homes, hospitals, assisted living facilities, as well as numerous other medical care settings and homes. The products are quality-tested, certified and approved.

All these orthopedic supplies are also sold in bulk at wholesale prices as well, for use in healthcare settings or home. The products are available at the lowest prices ever.

With Power Medical Supplies, customers can rest assured that they will get the much needed support and help from the distributor regarding products, order placement and other concerns.

About Power Medical Supplies

Power Medical Supplies is acknowledged as a reliable distributor of high-quality medical supplies manufactured by renowned manufacturers. Being an authorized dealer, Power Medical Supplies is able to maintain a comprehensive inventory of medical products which are sold at wholesale prices to healthcare institutions, clinicians, as well as patients. The company’s sole intention is to serve the society with full commitment in order to make advanced healthcare facilities available for all.

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Buying Medical Supplies Online – What to Look For?

Gone are the days when a person had to run towards a chemist shop every time they required medical supplies. Also, they are no longer required to search across a number of pharmacies and hospitals when there is a need for some uncommon medical product.

With the availability of medical supplies online, all products of needs are available at one place and buyers can purchase everything from the comforts of their home. And, when it comes to the transport, the seller makes the necessary arrangement. The scene has improved a lot for consumers.

The onset of the internet has made it easier to find a wide range of medical equipment and tools, from simple to complex, small and large, from those for hospital use to the ones for home care. Only thing that is required is an extensive online research to find high-quality products and buy all supplies at the best price.

Before buyers click the buy button, they must consider a few factors:

  • It’s crucial to locate a trusted supplier of medical supplies online. A company with enough industry recognition and authorized dealership rights from leading manufacturers can be the best choice.
  • Before placing the order, buyers must go through the shipping and delivery policy of the company. If the delivery time is longer than usual and the delay can cause problems for the patient, then there’s no point getting it from that store.
  • A good online company ensures quality customer services for their clients. Buyers should not hesitate to call the medical supplies provider to clarify any doubts, collect any product information, cost, time, etc. Customer support by any means like chat, email or call can help resolve all customer queries.

These factors are crucial when it comes to purchasing medical supplies online. As one already knows that the quality of medical supplies has a direct impact on the health, a little effort towards it will pay off well.

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Eagle Health Supplies – A Reliable Name for Quality Medical Supplies

Elderly and patients with mobility issues find it very difficult to shower independently. In order to bath safely, they have to accompany someone which compromises their privacy making them ashamed of themselves. In order to help these people, Eagle Health Supplies manufactures a number of tools like sliding transfer benches and shower chairs which ensure comfort and security while bathing. Shower transfer chairs feature a stable, comfortable surface to let users sit on during shower. On the other hand, the sliding chairs swivel to allow entry into the bath tub or shower. After a comfortable position, the seat of the transfer chair can be locked at a fixed position for stability.

Eagle Health Supplies offers a wide range of shower chairs and benches,with or without padding, to meet individual requirements. Each product offered by them speaks of quality and robustness that they offer. One of their heavy-duty products can withstand weight up to 400 pounds with much ease and safety. Their products have been of great help to people suffering from mobility problems due to age orillness.

Another offering, a tub shower chair, has been designed for more independence. Users can choose from a range of bathtub chairs depending on their needs. Also, there are shower chairs with commodes, shower seats with back support, as well as padded shower seats.

A shower chair with commode is extremely helpful for patients with mobility difficulty. The chair features a commode bucket and support arms. As the products are made of high-quality material, they are highly durable and long-lasting.

Another category of product by Eagle Health Supplies is designed to help arthritispatients. Bariatric raised toilet seats, as the name suggests, feature elevated toilet seats to make life easier for arthritis patients as well as those recovering from a surgery. As the seats are a little elevated, patients do not need to sit down the way they need to do with a traditional toilet seat. These chairs also feature a toilet seat riser with handles to ensure comfort as well as stability while sitting and standing.

Eagle Health Supplies is known for the most advanced and innovative health products that make lives easier for people with any sort of mobility disorder. The unique, well-built products receive acknowledgment from all users. In fact, their products such as the sliding transfer bench and sliding transfer bench with swivel seat are sold only by an authorized resellerlike Power Medical Supplies.

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Power Medical Supplies – one of the leading distributors of medical supplies – has announced its appointment as the authorized dealer of Medline –the largest privately held manufacturers of medical supplies.

Medline’s team comprises of researchers, clinicians, engineers, financial experts as well as more than a thousand direct sales representatives with an overwhelming market experience. Medline is known for its exceptional ability to provide the best practices across settings – from large healthcare systems to independent physicians as well as patients and their families. This is also the quality that sets Medline apart from the competition.

Committed to provide the highest-quality medical supplies to hospitals, doctors, schools, and individual patients, Power Medical Supplies always partners with top brands which symbolize quality.Medline being a renowned name in the medical world is the strongest partner of Power Medical Supplies.

Their dealership agreement with Medline is an effort to make advanced healthcare options easily available to one and all. This partnership allows them to have access to the advanced healthcare products which ultimately helps them enhance their warehousing and distribution operations.

With worthy partnerships and a passion to serve the society with dedication, Power Medical Supplies has created a niche in the market. Their offerings includes thousands of products from power scooters to wheelchairs, bath care to blood pressure supplies and many more. Precisely, their warehouse features a wide collection of over 15,000 medical care supplies to ensure better healthcare.

In their endeavor to make quality medical supplies easily available and accessible, Power Medical Supplies gives a hassle-free online shopping experience. Asa giant medical supply company with all products available in their warehouses, they ensure faster doorstep delivery of products like wheelchairs, dental supplies, vital signs monitoring machines, power scooters, diagnostic tools, chiropractic care supplies, physical health exam room furniture, and much more.

Consequently, Power Medical Supplies manages warehouses that carries a vast number of items at an affordable prices. Products are sourced directly from Medline so that it reaches consumers at the lowest price. Through this partnership, Power Medical Supplies has also been able to attain a level of efficiency that surpasses most of the medical supplies distributors.

Their online store provides the kind of support that consumers look for. From an intuitive platform to a safe payment gateway, Power Medical Supplies corroborates an easy shopping channel for all its customers. Of course, there’s no physical pain in search for the right medical equipment as involved with offline shopping.

Above all, they ensure outstanding support services for all their customers to make their shopping experience exceptionally good.  They listen to their customers and provide the best grade products for their needs. Also, all their grievances are addressed with utmost priority.

About Power Medical Supplies

Power Medical Supplies is a renowned distributor of high-quality medical supplies by industry’s leading manufacturers. Being their authorized dealer, Power Medical Supplies ensures a vast inventory to medical products which are sold at reasonable prices to healthcare centers, clinicians as well as patients. The company’s only intention is to serve the society with full commitment in order to advance the healthcare facilities.

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Mobility scooters –5 ways they have transformed lives

Mobility scooters are amazing in terms of ease and comfort. Three or four wheeled, a comfortable seat, improved design, ample leg room and a small basket to store essential stuff – a mobility scooter is a boon for older people and disabled who find it difficult to roam around. The biggest benefit that it offers is the ease of movement and independent walking. Here are 5 ways mobility scooters impact life:

Accessibility solution

Mobility scooters, as it says, provides an easier way of getting around and move independently. Pessimists can argue that scooters may not help reach things in higher places, but what they do not know is that there are hi-tech scooters with elevated seats to help people grab things placed at a height.

A sense of independence

People who can’t stand for long or have physical disabilities that keep them confined to chair often develop a sense of losing their freedom. A mobility scooter is the solution for them. One with a vehicle lift installed makes it possible to roam around almost anywhere without much assistance. This is one way how mobility scooters improve life.

Options galore

Among all other varieties of mobility scooters, one is folding and another is a travel size scooter.While folding ones are foldable, travel size ones can be broken into parts for easy storage. Both are extremely light in weight so can be carried anywhere while traveling away from home.


Talking about the above options, they can be packed with ease in compact covers and stored conveniently. As they consume very little room, it is very convenient for users who have to board flights regularly.

Heavy duty models

There are heavy duty models too. They tend to withstand more weight as they have more power. These are full size scooters, but weigh more than an average scooter considering their usage.

Looking for this beneficial piece of machinery? Power Medical Supplies, an online supplier of quality-assured medical supplies has an extensive collection for you.

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