Power Medical Supplies – The Largest Provider of Medical Supplies Online

Power Medical Supplies, an online wholesaler and retailer of high-quality medical supplies has been regarded as the largest in its industry by online purchasers. The online medical store is proud to reveal this among the users.

The healthcare industry is extremely big and quite crucial for the well-being of the society. People need highly accurate and international standards of medical equipment for correct diagnosis and quality of treatment. However, the increasing cost of the medical supplies keeps people devoid of quality healthcare facilities. Power Medical Supplies has established direct connections with top medical equipment manufacturers in the industry to ensure the delivery of top-grade medical supplies to healthcare institutions as well as retail customers at discounted prices.

There are many leading manufacturers in the medical industry that Power Medical Supplies deals with. One of them is Brimhall, a respected name in chiropractic care. Power Medical carries a huge assortment of chiropractic equipment by Brimhall to provide a holistic way of care to the society. Brimhall products are used across a number of healthcare institutions as well as by people for home care.

Long list of Brimhall products include Scalar Wave Lasers, BodyLight™ System, Detox Foot Bath Systems, products for Color and Light therapy, Multi-Polar Magnets, EMF protection and many more.

Chiropractic care is a holistic approach to healing where focus is not only paid to the diseased condition, but the underlying causes as well. The objective of treatment remains to provide holistic healing, healing of the body and mind. It’s all about re-establishing the structural integrity and rebalancing the electromagnetic fields. At the same time, chiropractic care pays attention to removing toxins from the body for a healthy body and balanced mind. As people have realized the benefits of chiropractic care, they approach healthcare practitioners who can provide the best care using the right equipment. This has led to a tremendous demand in various chiropractic care supplies.

Power Medical Supplies ensures that patients are able to take advantage of the best grade supplies by Brimhall for attainment of quick healing and relaxation. The e-commerce store sells products online very easily and quickly. The store receives millions of visitors every month who want instant access to a huge inventory of medical supplies for healing and overall well being.

Carrying a vast assortment of products, Power Medical Supplies is the largest supplier of Brimhall products for good health.

About Power Medical Supplies

A leading name in the online marketplace for high-quality medical products, Power Medical Supplies carries a huge line of brands at highly affordable costs. Being a direct supplier of medical supplies by renowned brands, Power Medical Supplies’ online store serves as a one stop destination for hospital and personal health care needs. Power Medical Supplies’ online store carries a comprehensive range of products from small items such as medical gloves to large equipment such as mobility solutions.

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A holistic approach to healthcare – Multidisciplinary care

Ailments, injuries and aging can sometimes give a lot of pain and discomfort. If this happens, people desire for a magical bullet that can take away all their pain and miseries. However, this is not always the case. Some conditions are quite complicated and require time to heal. For these patients, multidisciplinary approach to healthcare can provide easier ways to recuperate faster. Multiple modalities can provide better chances of improvement. Brimhall is one advocate of multidisciplinary care to alleviate pain, and improve overall health.

For the uninitiated, multidisciplinary care combines different healthcare disciplines to facilitate healing at a rapid pace. An appropriate use of multidisciplinary care can improve healing and prevent future injuries from occurring. Some patients in extreme pain think deliberately about which care to opt for: Physical therapy or Acupuncture or Chiropractic care or Cold laser therapy? One or more disciplines can aid in recovery, depending on the condition. In order to make a decision, it is crucial to get clarity on some gray areas and understand what each discipline does:

Physical therapy

Using manual techniques and therapeutic exercises, physical therapy intends to improve a person’s ability to move, perform daily activities and participate in daily work.

Chiropractic care

It studies the disorders of the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system and how these systems affect general health. Major emphasis remains on joint adjustment and manual therapy to improve alignment.


The discipline aims to alleviate pain by inserting needles at specific locations to re-balance the flow of energy.

Cold laser therapy

It is about using specific wavelengths of light to impact the tissues for healing.

Understanding these disciplines can help patients make the right choice.

Brimhall Wellness Center is a full-service healthcare center where natural alternatives are chosen under multidisciplinary approach to speed up recovery. In addition, there is an extensive range of products for chiropractic and other non-invasive modes of healing to help doctors in treatment and patients in recovery.

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Mobility scooters for seniors and disabled

When it comes to providing mobility solutions to physically-challenged and seniors, a wheelchair is the first thing that you would think about. Nevertheless, this is not the only option that users have today. Thanks to innovations that a wide array of solutions are available to integrate ease with mobility. Electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters help enjoy a freedom of movement with greater safety and comfort.

Least discussed, mobility scooters are mobility aids quite similar to wheelchairs but with its own features and comfort. Its configuration is like that of a motor-scooter and often addressed as power-operated vehicle.

A mobility scooter has three wheels, sometimes four-wheels as well. There’s one seat which is over two rear wheels, before it is flat area to place the feet. Handlebars are in front. Depending on the scooter, seat may swivel to adjust. Usually, these mobility aids are battery powered, and the battery can be charged using a separate battery charger. Sometimes, the charger is on board. Models of wheelchairs are also available which are gasoline-powered. But, electric ones are most common.

Using mobility scooters is easier as it removes manual strength problem which is quite common in traditional wheelchair. However, steering is something that must be considered. It calls for upright posture along with hand and shoulder strength. Upper body mobility and strength is also required.

As a solution, assistive motor scooters or small sit-down ones can be chosen. This is the best solution to help people with mobility problems. A person without arm or shoulder flexibility and no stamina can find it much better and easier than manual wheelchairs. Electric scooters also allow easy swiveling of the seat. Thus, it is a more convenient option than wheelchairs which requires moving the foot support to roam around.

People with slightly higher disabling conditions can use a mobility scooter for easy movements. Patients with arthritic conditions, coronary or lung issues, and obesity or those who are still able to walk a few steps, or sit upright without support can use this mobility aid. Movement is possible if the user is able to control the steering tiller.

Depending on the condition of the user, what the scooter will be used for, and how frequently, will help determine which model of scooter to buy. It is good to pay attention to details of the scooter and then get one that seems like the best fit. The best part is the online availability of these mobility solutions. Online wholesalers make it easier to choose and compare models, and buy the best one without worrying about transportation

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Wheelchair – discover mobility and comfort

What do you think when you see someone in a wheelchair? Do you empathize with them or look the other way?

Doesn’t matter what you think, life in a wheelchair is not at all simple. Any sort of disabilities – permanent or temporary – or some medical conditions can confine anyone to a wheelchair. For those who have incurred permanent damage to their bodies, wheelchairs are critical to their long-term survival. Fortunate people recover and ditch their wheelchairs to walk on their feet again with a desire to not use this thing again.

What exactly is a wheelchair?

A wheelchair is a practical mobility solution for those suffering from severe restrictions. It’s a chair like object with wheels to move around and bring a little independence to the lives of disables as well as seniors. There’s no standard wheelchair type that fits all, but users have their own requirements. Hence, these are also provided on demand.

Choosing a wheelchair

Those who need to use this mobility solution for longer must pay attention to choosing the right one that is light in weight and durable. A lighter wheelchair requires lesser force by users while starting, rolling or stopping – particularly while moving uphill. A high-quality product that is also light in weight rolls straighter and exerts less rolling resistance. If a user needs to feel comfortable on the chair, they must look for its adjustable features to suit individual needs.

Portable and cheap wheelchair

A wheelchair user should also think about carrying their mobility aid when they are traveling. Portable ones make a great choice if this is the concern. It’s better to check the product while buying to know it folds easily. Better to try it once before bringing home.

Cost is yet another important factor that must be in consideration while making a choice. But it doesn’t matter that a used and cheap one would be a great choice. If the use is long-term, investing in a durable product is recommended.

Light in weight

As already discussed, weight matters a lot. Modern wheelchairs are much lighter, approximately half the traditional manual wheelchairs. They don’t require enough force to propel and carry around in a car. Being built of sturdy frames, they last longer. However, they may cost a little more than traditional heavier ones.


Safety accessories and several other things must be given a though while buying a wheelchair.

An easier option to find the best and most suited wheelchair is to shop online. Authorized wholesalers selling online provide cost-effective yet quality wheelchairs for every need.

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Get the best deals on medical supplies – 5 ways

If you are suffering from a health condition, you need not only rely on your doctor, but also a few medical supplies that will help you recuperate faster. Medical supplies generally include medical equipment, diagnostic tools, consumables like aprons, gloves, first aid, etc., as well as large equipment for better care at home or hospitals. Supplies may also include furniture and fittings like beds, chairs, and mobility equipment. So, depending upon the type, medical supplies may cost you from a few dollars to thousands of dollars.

However, there are ways you can save on the necessary medical supplies. Let’s see how you get the best deals:

Buy online

Yes, online stores are the best place to find a quality assured range of medical supplies at reasonable costs. It is also a convenient way to get the right product delivered at the doorstep. Online stores feature products from all well-known manufacturers which are acknowledged for quality.

Quality assurance

As a consumer, you would want to buy the best quality product which online stores let you experience. Choose a reliable and reputed manufacturer to get the same warranty benefits as offered by a local seller.

One stop destination

Whether you need large equipment or a small product, you can get everything at one place. Instead of searching across a number of stores, you can choose the most suitable product while sitting at home, with a simple click.

Best price

Online sellers like Power Medical Supplies have their own warehouse and they are authorized distributors of renowned manufacturers. So, they sell their products at lower price.

On time delivery

When you buy online, you don’t have to make arrangements for transportation.All products get delivered to your doorstep, on time.

Medical supplies sellers like Power Medical Supplies intend to make healthcare accessible and affordable for everyone.

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Bath Safety with Eagle Health Supplies

Patients and elderly are highly prone to falls and accidents in the bathroom. A slip or fall can have serious medical consequences on the current health of an older person or who is already injured. In fact, it can affect other people too like those who:

  • Are unsteady on their feet
  • Find it difficult climbing over the bathtub
  • Has a weaker grip or hold

With industry leaders like Eagle Health Supplies, you don’t need to think too much about the safety of your near and dear ones. Eagle Health Supplies is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality Medical Equipment to be used at home. Possessing immense industry experience, they have emerged as an innovator in the design of shower chairs, commodes, transfer benches, and bath chairs. A wide range of innovative bathroom products has placed them at a prominent position in the bathroom mobility industry.

Eagle Health Supplies isn’t satisfied with the existing achievements, but keeps experimenting for more. They constantly try to improve their bathroom safety range for homecare as well as hospital patients. Their products are not only to provide mobility, but to integrate quality with care.

Their most important and most widely used product is the Sliding Transfer Bench. Being the manufacturer of this product, they continue to develop improvements and variations to this range. With the innovation, they only intend to enhance the safety and usability of the product while meeting the needs of individual ambulatory patients.

The manufacturer of medical supplies doesn’t stop here – it continues to broaden its line of medical supplies with multi functional bath safety products having greater features. While the products are high on usability terms, they seem reasonable to the pocket. The efforts of Eagle Health Supplies have made life easier for seniors suffering from loss of mobility.

Power Medical Supplies is the authorized online distributor of its products and helps the manufacturer selling products at reasonable costs.

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Healthcare at home – it’s within your budget

When someone close to your heart is not in good health, you want to do everything to make themrecuperate faster and enjoy a healthy life again. However, you may need costly and high-quality medical equipment to let it happen. From wheelchairs to orthopedic care supplies as well as other small and large equipment you may need (depending upon the health condition of the patient) to ensure faster recovery. As you may perceive, you may need to have a large amount of money to buy these medical aids. How would you arrange that budget?

Do not worry at all! Quality healthcare is within your reach when you happen to buy medical products from an authorized online wholesaler like Power Medical Supplies. Featuring products from renowned brands, epitome of quality, like Medline, Power Medical Supplies offers products at great prices than retail stores in your local market.

There are several benefits of buying from these online medical stores:

A solution to urgent demands

As an authorized dealer ofmajor brands in the medical industry, online wholesalers have their own warehouse which stores all products in huge quantity. This facility allows them to meet urgent and large demands without overcharging or delaying thedeliveryof products.

Better home healthcare

Famous manufacturers like Medline sell their products directly to hospitals to facilitate quality healthcare. As they are also actively involved in affordable and effective healthcare at home, they intend to make these products available for individuals as well. Online distributors help them in their endeavor.

Shipping and transportation

There’s nothing to worry about shipping and transportation of medical supplies when you are buying online.  Just click to get these supplies delivered to your door at the earliest possible time frames.

With wholesale distributors like Power Medical Supplies, you rest assured that quality medical products from manufacturers like Medline will fit your budget and healthcare needs.

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Healthcare at its best – balancing quality and price

Everyone deserves quality healthcare, and it doesn’t matter what economic background they belong to. Cost should never appear as an obstacle to accessing healthcare facilities and medical supplies. Sharing a common objective, both Power Medical Supplies and Skil-Care Corporation strives to provide some of the most innovative medical products to patients in home and healthcare settings.

Power Medical Supplies is a well-known wholesaler and distributor of top-grade medical supplies online. Skil-Care holds a significant position in the medical industry for developing and designing products which aid in healing,rehabilitation and recuperation of patients. These products are widely in demand in hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation settings and homecare facilities. With their industry span of over three decades, Skil-Care has earned a reputation of being the most credible provider of healthcare supplies.

As a trusted partner, Power Medical Supplies carries a vast range of Skil-Care products to enhance resident care, and provide quality healthcare at medical facilities. Most of the products are dedicated to reduce and prevent the occurrence of skin breakdown in bed or wheelchair. Besides, other areas of concern are – resident safety, fall safety, skin protection, pressure reduction, bariatric accessories, mattresses, bed and wheelchair positioning, transfer assistance, sensory stimulations, exercise equipment, and many more.

Why SKil-Care?

Power Medical Supplies has an extensive range of Skil-Care products which they offer at wholesale rates. Since there’s no mediating agent involved, the products reach to its buyers at genuine cost. Power Medical Supplies prefers Skil-Care products for several reasons:

  • The products are specifically designed for quality homecare
  • They only sell products through authorized dealers
  • Their products are used worldwide for over 30 years
  • As selection of an appropriate product may be confusing, they have representatives to help buyers
  • Products are tested for quality and healthcare

The online store of Power Medical Supplies provides excellent customer support to buyers, be a resident buyer or corporate, ensuring the best purchase for them.At this store – the best quality comes at the least price. For more details please visit at: https://www.powermedicalsupplies.com/

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Orthopedic care for a quality life

If you suffer from injuries and disorders of the skeletal system and associated joints, ligaments and muscles, you need orthopedic care immediately. Orthopedics is the branch of medicine that deals with the correction and prevention of these injuries.

Health conditions like fractures, joint problems, wrist injuries, arthritis and several other medical problems require orthopedic care. Doctors specialized in orthopedic care provide consultation to the patients based on where the injury is, how severe it is, and what kind of treatment will give the best result. Specialist doctors use special devices also known as orthopedic supplies products to help patients and give them the best healthcare services.

Pain in your joints or serious problems with your bone can make you suffer severely. You cannot do everything as conveniently as you used to earlier. To ensure complete safety and faster recovery, you should look for a local healthcare specialist and get the best possible treatment for your condition. Ignorance of any kind can only worsen your situation and cause much more damage than you can think. It could include permanent damage as well and you may end up hurting yourself beyond imagination.

Orthopedic problems require personalized care. This is why it is crucial to look for specialist care and consultation without any delay. The condition of your bone and joints can only be evaluated by an orthopedic doctor, and he is the one who can help you understand what exactly is going wrong with your body. Afterwards, they can plan the best treatment and help your recuperate faster.

It is not uncommon in today’s world to experience orthopedic issues at some point in life. Some of them are caused due to lifestyle changes and some of them are due to injury or accident. Besides common people, athletes are highly dependent on orthopedic specialist to keep their bones and joints in good working condition. As their work puts immense pressure on their musculoskeletal system, they have to rely on orthopedic doctors to avoid serious damages and injuries. Only an orthopedic doctor can provide the best guidance to improve the current condition and make the right health decision.

Your orthopedic doctor can also suggest you get your own orthopedic supplies products for quality care at home. Supplies like arm slings, head support, elbow & knee protectors, orthopedic mattresses, heel protectors, orthopedic bandages etc. can help you regain your strength much sooner than you expect. The best thing is that you can order these supplies online and add quality to your life.

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Power Medical Supplies offers products from Medline – the biggest provider of orthopedic supplies

One of the largest wholesalers of medical equipment online, Power Medical Supplies has expanded its offering by adding Medline products to its range.

The global orthopedic market is highly segmented and marked by the presence of a number of suppliers operating locally as well as globally. While other distributors prefer to collaborate with small scale manufacturers to sell products at a higher margin, Power Medical Supplies works with globally recognized brands only. Earning huge profits is not their motto, but making healthcare supplies affordable for everyone is their aspiration.

Power Medical Supplies is working as an authorized distributor of Medline products and selling the same online at wholesale prices. Since they have direct supplies from manufacturers, their warehouse is always well-equipped to meet urgent and bulk demands without charging extra.

About Medline, it needs no introduction. Being a global manufacturer and distributor of high-quality medical products, Medline has created a niche for its products. They are recognized for offering patient-centric solutions and services across all healthcare needs.

The global healthcare market is unexpectedly vast. Most of the industry players are sitting to make huge profits and improve their financial record year by year. This has never been the case with Power Medical Supplies or Medline.

Ever since they came into existence, these two entities arereputed for offering the finest grade orthopedic supplies and other healthcare equipment for hospital and individual use.

All the products carried by Power Medical Supplies are crafted with the best material, tailored to the required care settings. The products arelab tested and certified for healthcare applications under different conditions. Besides, the healthcare equipment on offer is recognized for unparalleled craftsmanship and performance.

Power Medical Supplies offers a complete range of orthopedic supplies for hospitals, clinical settings, ambulatory centers and home care. Buyng supplies directly from the manufacturer, the products are reasonably priced and do not include margins for third-parties. This benefits not only bulk purchasers, but also residents who need just one or two products.

Besides orthopedic supplies, Power Medical Supplies carries all other healthcare equipment – small or large – to facilitate better patient care. It has become one stop destination to purchase quality medical supplies by renowned manufacturers online. Safe and fast shipping and door step delivery are added advantages of choosing Power Medical Supplies.

About Power Medical Supplies

Power Medical Supplies provides highly advanced healthcare supplies and equipment to hospitals, healthcare institutions, private clinics as well as residents for home care. As a giant medical supplies company, Power Medical Supplies has a huge warehouse well-equipped with the most innovative equipment to meet urgent and bulk demands. All the products, ranging from simple gloves to complicated machines, are procured from the most reputed brands of the industry such as Medline.

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